-The 4 Pine Design Vision-


4 Pine Design is well rooted in the history of the terrain park.  We have witnessed and participated in the terrain park’s evolution since its early days. Throughout this period, everyday has been a learning experience. The development of features, construction techniques and “best practices” has been the building blocks of our success.  It is our belief that our place in this industry is now needed. With environmental impact and operating costs being at the top of concern, we have found new ways to approach these issues with positive results that create a product for all to enjoy. 


-The Program- 

After the terrain has been selected and the park has been constructed, maintenance is now your priority.  The terrain park must be fine-tuned daily and groomed with precision nightly.  From the Super Pipe to the smallest kiddie “jib”, all are to be maintained properly and efficiently.  4 Pine Design will assist you in training your staff to produce the highest quality groomed product. 



-Creativity and Layout- 


The terrain park will always be evolving.  Change is good.  Breakaway from the standard “cookie cutter” park layout.  Let us assist you in jib design and set-up.  We will target areas in your park that can be put to better use than just the usual up and over feature. Using a wide variety of transition we can create a number of new lines in the same space. 

-A Terrain Park for Everyone- 

Give your guests the option of where to snowboard and ski with parks designed for all ability levels.  We are able to provide jib and feature designs and park layouts for all ability levels including teaching and coaching programs. 


-From Our Vision to Your Reality- 

The modern terrain park has evolved exponentially in the last ten years.  From its infancy to adulthood, location has been a key factor in the success of every park. Snowmaking, staffing, equipment and man made features have always been budget concerns and have greatly affected the development of many park programs. 4 Pine Design has a new approach to these issues.  We have developed the “Micro Park” concept. This concept allows large areas of your mountain to become one park without interrupting non-terrain park trails, guests and operations. In addition to expanding your terrain park program at a minimal cost, it allows park and non-park guests, such as families, to share and enjoy the same trail and experience side by side. This concept is capable of being adapted to any size resort.